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Data logging technologies

Data Loggers

BORGTECH's Data Logging Services


  • We design products to meet your specific needs from scratch.
  • We customise our current products to meet your specific needs.
  • We can add other services as required through our network.
  • We offer other products sourcing and management.


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Engineering Services

BORGTECH's Electronics Engineering Services


  • Product Conceptualization.
  • Development Costing Overview and Sound Advise.
  • Project management.
  • Product Customisation.
  • Product Prototyping and Pilot Run.
  • Product Testing and Certification.
  • Production Resourcing and Management.


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Sourcing Solutions - Equipment, Components...

New and current projects require innovative technologies and components which are
sometimes hard to source unless you have the right contacts. Our vast network of electronic
suppliers have amazing offers which we wish to make avaliable to you. 

Send us a request of items you need and we'll generate a comprehensive quote for you. 
Our supply network covers most electronics, robotics, hydraulics, corrosion and tooling industries.


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